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Mushroom City Video

Video production based in Kennett Square, with small-town values and big-city sophistication.

Get awesome video at an affordable cost. I have a nearly unique set of skills that can help you get your message out there and do more business. I'm an award-winning writer and accomplished photographer with a long background in grabbing people's attention and communicating a multimedia sales message. I'll tell your story and demonstrate the benefits you offer using a blend of powerful words and images to persuade both the intellect and the emotions. I'm not doing this for fun, or to show how hip I am. I'm doing it because I've got the skills to be effective.


Kennett Square is increasingly famous for its yearly Mushroom Festival and I was pleased to be asked to do a video overview of it. It's a busy weekend and I had to hustle, but I think the video gives you at least an idea of what the festival offers.

Here's a new version of an overview for The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County, who wanted this piece to emphasize things they did besides conserving land, including a focus most people don't know about on education and inclusion. It's an example of a piece with multiple interviews and settings, mixed resources, and a satisfying result that got a nice reception at a local film festival on environmental topics.

This is a piece I did for the local news website with a streamlined approach: two hours on site, with the piece ready 24 hours later. Getting clean audio in the windy conditions was a challenge, but we worked it out. The event was well-planned, the site was attractive, and the interviewees were great to work with. But beyond that it shows what you can do in video if you have a plan, know what you're going for, and don't just throw yourself on the ground sobbing if you encounter difficulties. And not to be immodest but this is one person working really, really quickly.

This promo shows you the coverage areas of a local publisher's products while the voiceover lists the benefits to advertisers.

Here's a promo piece that gives you a quick look at the various activities done by a local conservation group. They commissioned the piece after the leaves were off the trees, so we had to supplement it with a lot of still images to get a four-seasons look, but I think it's still an attractive overview that takes you inside the group, helps you understand what moves them, and gives you reasons to get involved yourself.

Here's a quick little promo piece.

The update posted below is an excerpt from a promo video a musician friend wanted made to help introduce him to potential markets. It starts with the end of the intro, then shows the first interview segment and some performance afterward. The rest are various promo videos in their entirety.